Why Come To South Africa ?

Coming to South Africa, you will undoubtedly be spoilt for choice. You can understand why deciding where to go could be daunting. So where to begin?

Johannesburg, or “Jozi” – as the locals call it, is the largest city in South Africa, and was originally the gold mining hub of South Africa. But since then has developed into a lot more with growing lifestyle and fashion, it is the economic heart of South Africa. So as you can imagine things to do in Johannesburg are endless.

  – Nelson Mandela Square – @Sandton City –                        

Unfortunately, over the past few years, Johannesburg has been developed a disappointing reputation in the media for its crime. But like most things in the media, it has been mostly sensationalized.

Personally, I would recommend visiting the National Parks, a favorite is the Kruger National Park where you likely to see the big five in their natural habit in what was an awesome game drive. Have a look at TripAdvisor for information and about accommodation and cost. If you more the cultural bug, I would say check out their Museums and Art Galleries which there are almost too many of.

The Apartheid Museum would be a great start, giving an awesome break down of South African history and Liberation Struggle. And if you more inclined to visit art museums, pop into the South African National Museum. For the night owls reading this, don’t you worry Johannesburg has you covered with high roller clubs like Kong which is a great representation of Joburg nightlife, and Kitchener’s  which is more a dive bar vibes, which are a growing. There are lots of places to find things to do and events in Joburg.

Another one of South Africa’s gems is Cape Town, “the mother city”. This city has some of the most breathtaking views. It was actually rated as the “best city” in the world. Cape Town has a diverse culture, vibrant nightlife, and amazing beaches. Although not always my preferred source of information, Wikitravel actually gives a nice summary of Cape Town and what it’s all about.

   –The City of Cape Town-

But if you looking for a more personal opinion of where to go, here is mine: The landmarks are a great place start, from Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and Signal Hill, to quite literally the edge of Africa – Cape Point, the views will leave you awestruck. The V&A waterfront, which is a tourist hotspot would also be a great place to check out. Another must-see spot is Boulders Beach, its African penguins are the main draw – Yes, penguins in Africa. 

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If you know anything about South Africa, you would have heard of Nelson Mandela! Liberation hero and first president of democratic South Africa. Well for you historian buffs you can take a trip to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.

One thing you have to do while in Cape Town, is visit the Stellenbosch Wine Route.

 – Wine tasting in Stellenbosch –

Although it’s about 30 Km out of Cape Town, it’s definitely well worth the trip. As you will see there are tons of things to do and events going on in Cape Town, if you just arriving or on the search for some things to do you can check the events happening and things to do in Cape Town.

The one negative review I have to give Cape Town is that the beaches are freezing! Something that Durban – the province of KwaZulu Natal has over Cape Town. It has a more tropical weather, with warmer beaches. Which is ideal for the surfer community.

 – The City of Durban –

In Durban, Umhlanga beach is probably the main beach in Durban, which you’ll probably end up spending long hours on. But if getting wet is more your vibe, try some shark cage diving. This really is an experience like no other. The Valley of a 1000 Hills, is also a must see. But I must say I was a slightly disappointed by the litter along the way, but besides that, it’s honestly stunning. If you need some down time, maybe think about catching a movie at Durban’s prestige theatre.

Finally, another city that constantly gets overlooked is Port Elizabeth. One of the smaller cities of South Africa – But like most underdogs, it has some fight in it. With numerous wildlife parks like Shamwari Game Reserve, Kragga Kamma Game. If you don’t feel like getting out the city then check Bayworld – It may be more your speed, with a blend of natural, cultural, historical and Oceanarium this would be the perfect place for a combination of learning and fun.

    –  Game Drive in Port Elizabeth –

You may be asking yourself, what would be the best way to get around South Africa. If you someone that prefers the more scenic route, strap in for one of the most beautiful road trips you’ll ever go on, driving cross country across the Southern African Planes. But if you someone that wants to get where they’re going, check out our friends at Domestic Flights for some of the cheapest domestic flights in South Africa.

But as with most things, to get the best understanding would be experiencing it for yourself and South Africa is an experience won’t forget.

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